Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week of April 24th

This week we had review copies of : Munspain, Alli&Ali, CHICHI OF LONDON, Thalia's Fashion Collection, [BedlaM], .:Shush:., ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::..., C'est Moi!, Iren, PHILO, Heartsick Skins, mISs rOUx [sKIns and sHApES], ~fameless~, croire, VERO MODERO, SLC, *LpD*, .:Acid & Mala Creations :., SACRED ROSES FURNITURE.

Bloggers, please post a comment with your URL link about those stores review copies.



inkie Loudwater said...

(UNIQUE) Hannah Skin
Ali & Ali
This week I had major issues with my account bur I am back on track ;-))

Fauna Moonwall said...

Comfy within >

Vero Modero,

Les Petits details

Anonymous said...


Too much problem with Kirstens Viewer u.u (btw, I used Firestorm in some of these pics)

Thank you very much!

smartdog said...

I had a three day blackout, but I was able to blog:
Vero Modero:
CHICHI of London:
Too many to mention. LOL

Aline Verrazzano said...

UNIQUE skins




Unknown said...

This week a good deal of time was spent blogging the TWLOHA designers but still managed to snap a few from Vero Modero and IrEn as well.


Vero Modero

Rood said...

Love the hair I got from BDR and A&A.

IREN skin

Skin by Unique Megastore

JeSyLiLo skin

Anonymous said...

Hello, as always I had a lot of fun doing these posts:

Les Petits Details

Comfy Within

C'est moi

Rood said...

Hi all,

I did a special about skins (and hair) and I must say I got loads of very nice stuff. Thank you all designers :)

Blogged the mermaid outfit from 22769
Hair from Alli & Ali design
Anna skins by Faces
Munspain skin
Miss Roux skins

Rood said...

This week I blogged the very cute mothersday present by Censored

And I blogged the skins by JeSyLilo
and the gifts by BDR (beautiful dirty rich)

Thanks to the designers :)

Paris Rain said...

JeSyLilo Skins:

Rood said...

On may 8th and may 9th I blogged:
Miss Roux

And a big special on Simply (and EMOtions hair)

Thank you all designers.

Rood said...

Due to hughe problems with BLOGGER my blog with Alli & Ali hair and Perception skins and make up had vanished from my site. I have retored it today (friday 13th of May however)

LOVELY skins, great make up an ohh do I love A&A hair ! Thank you designers !

Dreamer said...

Thalia's Fashion posts:

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