This group is NOT for advertising.

It is simply for designers to get their products blogged in the hope of attracting new customers.

Designers can send up to 2 items a week to be blogged maximum. This is to keep it fair and allow enough time for every item to be blogged.

Designers have two ways to get their items blogged. First they can send the item out directly to the group with their normal perms OR alternatively send out the image of the item and ask the bloggers to contact them direct for the item.

We ask you to send AT LEAST one review copy each month, and not only pictures.

To apply for a blogger tag you MUST have been blogging for a minimum of 3 months.Do NOT apply if your blog is less than 3 months old or hasn’t been active in the past 3 months (you will be ejected).

Bloggers must blog AT LEAST one item every 2 weeks. If two weeks go by without a single item being blogged you will be evicted from the group. We will check all blogs every month.

We will post in the blog all the designers notices. You will have the chance to comment the posts in the blog by writing your URL in the comment area.

It is asked that once an item has been blogged a link is sent directly to the designer so they can see your work.

All accepted bloggers must have our blog url in their blog roll.

Only the owners and admins can post on this blog for now. If you want us to post a notices in world or on the blog about a special event or anything, please send us a notecard (look "contact" tab for names).

**If you don't follow the rules (designers AND bloggers), you will get no warning and be ejected.

This is a serious group, we want quality and respect (for designers AND bloggers). If you don't take this group seriously, we will ask you to leave.

Thanks for your interest in this group !

Info: Teena Tomorrow