Saturday, June 16, 2012

Please bare with me as I add more bloggers back to the group.  So far I am half way down my list of applications and will also begin to add new bloggers to the group as well.  Thank you for your patience and Welcome All New and Returning Bloggers!  Please check group notices often and keep in mind there is a long list of bloggers who wish to be in this group and follow the rules!  Please do what you can to keep yourself current in this group. 

Teena Tomorrow
FB&D Group Owner

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blogger Change Out!

Hello New Bloggers and Designers!!!
Welcome to the New and Improved Fashion Bloggers and Designers Group!
New Bloggers will be added Weekly! 
If you wish to be added to our blogger list you must first fill an application out at the above tab!
Please also see the Rule Section located at the top menu bar for rules to keep you in this group!

Thank you for your patience during this change over! 

Teena Tomorrow
FB&D Group Owner

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekly Recap Week of 1/23/2012-1/31/2012

Hi Lovely Bloggers!!
Here is an update of what designers have sent us the past two weeks!
Please leave your link to your blog in the comments of this message so that we can see your work! Also please remember you must send an IM to each designer linking them to your blog when you use one of there items from this group!
Thanks for all your hard work!!

We saw review copies from Ilaya, **Shine**, Sacred Roses, Urban Republic Co, Graffitiwear, Xen's Hats, PEER, ::VMC::, Flirt, Amour Fashions, ::Poised::, Vero Modero, Loordes of London, Alexandre, The Dazzlers Inc, ::Censored::, Fly Lily, ThirteenTH, Akeruka, and Tameless.

Teena Tomorrow

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekly Recap Week of 1/1/2011

This week we saw review copies from many designers!!! Some new to the group as well!

Bodacious Bodies, Alli&Ali, Graffitiwear, WOot, mE Jewelry, ::La Flat::, Dirty Little Secrets, MSN Design, Sascha's Designs, Kennedy's, SLC, Sophistishapes, DLS & SSK, .Legit., I<3Fashion, Flirt, .:VMC:., Chichi of London, Shantal, Vestigium, American Bazaar, ThirteeTH, ~~Jules~~, ::Poised::, GIEREH, *Rag Doll*, Egoisme, Sweeter then Candy, .:EMO-tions:., Tokyo Girl, PEER, Zoe's Garden, Tameless.

Please link your blogs to this post so that we can see your posts for the week if you used these review copies!

Teena Tomorrow

Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekly Recap 12/25/2011

Here is your weekly recap for 12/25/2011
Hope everyone had Happy Holidays!!
And a Fantastic New Year!!

This week we saw review requests from: Egoisme, MooNi, Croire, De La SOUL, ::VMC::, Envyme, Graffitiwear, .::Censored::., ChiChi of London, Dirty Lil Secrets, [Echo], WOot, *Boof, SLC, Sweet Antidote, House Of Eyez, AngelsDemons Creations, Alli&Ali, mE Jewelry, Bodacious Body Works, and Alexohol.

Please post your blog links for these designers in the comments section of this post!

Thank You Bloggers for all your hard work and fantastic photos!
Thank You Designers for all of your great designs and beautiful work!!
We look forward to a prosperous and happy new year!

*Weekly recap will resume being posted every Monday of every week.
Check back here often for updates about the FB&D Group

Monday, September 19, 2011

new web application form

If you want to became a member of FB&DG, do not send a NC in world anymore. Please copy this link into your web browser!

missqwerty ♥

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FB&DG new manager

FB&DG got a new manager: Teena Tomorrow. Please contact her for all requests! :)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week of May 15th

Please post your blog links here for this week! :)

miss ♥

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week of April 24th

This week we had review copies of : Munspain, Alli&Ali, CHICHI OF LONDON, Thalia's Fashion Collection, [BedlaM], .:Shush:., ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::..., C'est Moi!, Iren, PHILO, Heartsick Skins, mISs rOUx [sKIns and sHApES], ~fameless~, croire, VERO MODERO, SLC, *LpD*, .:Acid & Mala Creations :., SACRED ROSES FURNITURE.

Bloggers, please post a comment with your URL link about those stores review copies.


Week of April 17th

This week we had review copies of : JeSyLiLO, croire, {.Mocha.}, Munspain, Alli&Ali , Iren, 22769, [BedlaM], VERO MODERO, .:EMO-tions:., UNIQUE, SACRED ROSES FURNITURE, artMEfashion, PHILO, Thalia's Fashion Collection, FACES Studios, ~Simply~, CHICHI OF LONDON.

Bloggers, please post a comment with your URL link about those stores review copies. We want to see your work! :)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week of April 10th

This week we had review copies of : MunSpain, Cosa Nostra, AMERICAN BAZAAR, Gems & Kisses Couture, *LpD*, EMO-tions, Alli&Ali, Pout, SHINE, H.E.D., Lazy artists, Be Happy!, ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::.., SLC, ✯GG&MM Works Station✯, Divinne, artMEfashion, *MuNiQuE* Poses, VACKRA, 22769, [ bubble ], croire, JESYLILO.

Bloggers, please post a comment with your URL link about those stores review copies. We want to see your work! :)


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mix and Match Hunt

The Mix and Match Hunt has started!

You can post your hunt pictures at:

Show us your talent! :)

For info about this hunt: